09 July 2013

The Bird is the Word

Jumpsuit: Natty Paint via Urban Outfitters (old) - similar silhouette here 
Shoes: Manolos
Necklace: Forever21 (old) - similar here
Wallet: Prada
Shades: Spitfire 

I'm baaaaaack! Sorry for disappearing for a little. The odds were stacked up against me; my usual photographers have been unavailable, this hot weather wreaks havoc on my fashion sense, work is kicking my butt, loved ones moving away, etc etc. Therefore, I took a needed break and spared you from the-typical-blog-filler-style-collages. 

I'm still trying to find my direction in all of this. I have an idea of where I want this blog to go and I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but finding one's ground takes time. And as time passes, I'm certain this blog will evolve towards what I've envisioned. For now, I'm going with the flow. But expect some changes soon. When my other half - the love of my life returns, we'll for sure have some car modifications lined up. So I'm super excited to have that aspect added to my blog. 

Anyways, I hope you like this bird covered get up! What's more cooler than a stylish adult onesie?! 

Photos by Henessey