04 April 2013

Grand National

Blouse: Stella McCartney // Trousers: Club Monaco (old) // Purse: Chanel // Shoes: Manolos

The all black outfit never fails. My all black ensemble obsession probably started around the same time Rihanna started to get big. I know, super super late right? Wearing black head-to-toe has been a fashionista's fail safe since, like, forever. Don't hate; I'm a late fashion bloomer. In any case, she went through her all black phase which in turn sparked my all black phase. Since then black has conquered my closet. So stay tuned, there's more to come; I'm going to try and milk as many all black outfits I can before it warms up here in the Bay Area.

By the way, I would like to wish my sister a Happy, happy Birthday! Love you, sheeshter! 


  1. I love this look! very sophisticated and chic, but I suppose black always is! I look forward to more posts! would you like to check out my blog and follow each other? xx

  2. Hello!!! I'd glad you started your blog, it took me some time to start mine too. :) It looks good so far and keep up the good work!



  3. All black everything with a pop of color...my fav!!
    ..and those shoes...very very sophisticated!! let's not forget about that purse...love the color!!

  4. Congrats pumpkin! Very much proud of you! Drop dead gorgeous... Lucky me!!! Have fun and good luck. Te amo, Chula!!!! ��

  5. I L.O.V.E everything about this outfit! It's so classic and absolutely chic! New follower! <3

    Mariann from www.cashmereinstyle.com