30 April 2013

Embroidery Designs

Sweater: Étoile Isabel Marant // Jeans and Belt: H&M // Shoes: Jimmy Choo 

Sometimes deciding what to wear, when you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear, can be so drab and tedious. Last week as I was getting dressed for a girlfriend's birthday dinner I was fashionably uninspired. In moments like these I turn to all black. The trick to wearing all black is playing with texture and accessories; I love the intricate embroidery on both the sweater and the jeans. And of course, I completed the outfit with my Choos for a pop of color and my usual jewelry. 

What are your guys' go-to's when you're in a fashion rut? 


  1. The jeans are amazing! They look great! love his look xx

  2. Agreed! Those pants are amazing! I love the embroidery! <3 I don't know if I've ever been in a fashion rut. I know that I have been in a kind of fashion ennui. Haha. Usually, when that happens, my go-to piece is a Threadless tee. It doesn't matter what else I end up pairing with it, because the print usually carries the outfit. :P

    - Anna