09 April 2013

Skirting the Issue

Shirt: Elizabeth and James // Jacket: AllSaints // Skirt: Dries Van Noten // Necklace: Nordstrom // Shoes: Charles David

I made it a goal this year to wear more skirts...and agh...dresses. Don't get me wrong, I jump at the opportunity to get my hair did and my nails done to complement a dress for an evening event or some other fancy shindig. But for everyday I live in pants. So in order to challenge myself, as well as evolve my fashion sense, I started eyeing skirts and dresses while shopping - something I usually skip over.

I had a few outfits in mind for this skirt, but since it was windy out, I opted for this Elizabeth and James top with a leather jacket. I found this top at our local Crossroads Trading Co. Almost every time I go in there just to browse, or sell my items, I end up leaving with additions to my wardrobe. I'm a huge believer in recycled fashion. Anyways, I can't wait to restyle this skirt as the weather warms up.

What are your fashion goals, if any, this year?


  1. Love this skirt! It is gorgeous! You look amazing!!



  2. Love the combination of the skirt and blouse. You look wonderful! I hear ya on trying to wear more skirts and dresses. I've always been very shy of my legs. The first time I wore a dress without tights underneath was when I was 25 two years ago. So I guess my fashion goal is to show more skin for the summer. I'm sure my boyfriend will appreciate it lol xo


  3. Love love the color of the skirt!! And the shoes....classic!! Great combo!!

  4. Hi Dear

    Great look!
    I love the combination of two different prints!
    Very nice blog ;)

    Come and visit mine if you want!