05 April 2013

Single Ladies

Shirt: Urban Outfitters Chambray //  Pants/Necklace: BCBG Max Azria // Vest: Thakoon Addition // Shoes: Charles David

I'm so glad single sole pumps are coming back. They just scream classic and chic. I mean, c'mon, Barbie - every little girl's first fashion icon, wore 'em!  I just couldn't quite give in to the platform craze. I tried though. I scored the epic YSL Tribute Sandal; purchased them on super deep discount via Barney's Warehouse sale last December. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'll keep them due to the fact that when I'm trying to strut my stuff on platforms, I end up just stomping everywhere. Waffle stompers. That's what platforms feel like to me. My sisters on the other hand will wear three inch platforms and walk gracefully. I can get by with a minimal platform, but I'm sticking with my single sole pumps. These pair by Charles David have had plenty of miles on them <--- like that car reference, huh? I kid. I had them resoled a few months ago but now have to have the taps replaced. Never underestimate the power of a GREAT cobbler. I'll save that topic for another post, though.

On another note, everyone should own a chambray shirt. If you don't have one, go out and get one. Go! Seriously, it goes with everything. Found this one at UO while I was out shopping with a gf that was also on the hunt for a chambray. She opted for a lighter color and more fitted version. And the vest I'm wearing actually doubles as a dress. Found this lovely piece on sale on Shopbop. As I divulge more into my blog, you will find I rarely pay full price on my wardrobe.

So, all my single sole ladies, where you at? 


  1. I lovelovelove your vest! And your heels look so chic! x

  2. Hi there! Welcome to the fashion blogging world! It's a lot of fun :) I hear you on the platform heels- I can't tell you how many times I've twisted my ankle with those. I envy those who can strut around like a model in anything over 4 inches! You look fabulous here, I love the layering and yes, I agree, everyone should own at least one chambray shirt- even the boys!!

    Have a great weekend!
    Sunny with a side of...

  3. Very interesting post sweety,

    Check my latest post!

  4. Ho, this jacket <3 Perfect outfit!!

  5. Love the vest and shirt!! ...I agree with the single sole pumps, they just scream classic!!