08 April 2013

Wrapped in Bows

Shirt: Express // Dress: Balenciaga // Shoes: Valentino

I probably returned to the mall three or four times before I took the plunge and purchased these bad boys, err, girls. Something about those oversized bows captivated me. So what was the problem you ask? They were a half size too large. Don't you hate when that happens? Luckily my feet were a only a few centimeters short from the edge of these mules, or slides, what have you, and home they came! I came across these at Neiman Marcus Last Call for a fraction of what they originally cost. I had signed up earlier for their newsletters to receive notices of their promos and events. Every few months, they host major shoe sales as well as fresh arrivals from Neiman Marcus. Word of advice though...arrive early. I learned after strolling in late that the vultures had already devoured all the goodies. 

Tell me of a time you were eyeing something and finally scooped it up. 


  1. Your shoes are breathtaking! So lucky you found them at Last Call!

  2. The shoes are really cute! Yeah I agree with you. Never stroll into a sale late. It's just no bueno when you get there. All the good stuff is gone and everything is all picked over. Congrats on your new blog. It's really nice :) xoxo


  3. Cute shoes!!! :) What a great find!

  4. Love love the shoes!! Very detailed!! Wish I was patient to score like you do.